Mending Broken Pieces, Inc

MBP seeks to mend:

  • The impact of homelessness on teens and young adults.

MBP’s Values:

  • Accountability, Excellence, Fairness, Freedom, Honesty, Justice, Leadership, Service, and Truth-telling (integrity).
LaValla J. Wilson, PhD

Mending Broken Pieces, Inc Story

My work with students’ challenged by homelessness began at Howard University where I worked for over 15 years for Student Affairs in Residence Life. After retiring in the summer of 2014, I returned home to Georgia. I wanted to create a nonprofit to continue serving homeless young adults struggling to stay in school, but I was clueless about the process.  My search led me to Georgia State University’s Religious Studies Program to pursue a master’s in Religious Studies with a concentration in Non-profit Management. . . .  Read More

GA Homeless High School Students & Unaccompanied Youth Statistics2016-172017-18
9th Grade3,2903,290
10th Grade2,2542,383
11th Grade1,7571,795
12th Grade2,1142,294
Unaccompanied Homeless Youth2,3142,331

(Georgia McKinney-Vento program 2017/18 Data Report & State Index on Youth Homelessness 2017/18)

To operate a one-stop secure digital platform of resources for homeless teens and young adults ages 14-24 who are in school or want to be in school, to provide programming, and to train and support Homeless Youth Service Providers.

To end the cycle of homelessness that crushes the dreams of homeless teens and young adults.

Facts about Youth Homelessness in Atlanta

  • There are more than 3,300 Homeless Youth in Atlanta.
  • 50% of youth aging out of the foster care system will be homeless within 6 months because, without a stable home life, they never learned the skills needed to live independently.
  • Within 72 hours of being on the streets, a homeless youth is approached for sex. 49% of homeless youth have been sexually exploited.
  • Though only 7% of the general population of youth identify as LGBT, a shocking 40% of homeless youth are LGBT. This disparity is made even more alarming by the fact that LGBT youth are more likely to be victimized than non-LGBT youth on the streets.
  • 72% of homeless youth have experienced or witnessed violence.
  • 42% of homeless youth have experienced abuse as a child.
  • There is a 19% unemployment rate for 16-19-year old’s – higher for at-risk youth. This leaves many without options to escape homelessness. (from Covenant House Georgia Fact Sheet on website)

MBP’s Programs and Services

 Dream Connect 
Dream Connect is a website of resources for homeless teens and young adults ages 14-24 who are in school or want to be in school.  Dream Connect offers a one-stop, non-judgmental secure digital door to access help and support.  Dream Connect wants to close the gap of information availability and resource accessibility to create a level playing field for homeless teens and young adults to fulfill their dreams.  

MBP believes that homeless teens and young adults must “weaponize” their stories!   This means telling their truth (story) and using available resources.  Resources are the weapon (power) that they must use to be seen, heard, and served.   MBP wants homeless teens and young adults to come out of the shadows,  they have powerful stories of struggle and survival that need to be heard and dreams that need to be fulfilled! Connect now:

Workshop for Homeless Youth Service Providers (HYSP):  MBP’s Workshop  challenges HYSP’s to answer two questions:  What can your program uniquely contribute to the homeless teens and young adults that you serve, better than any other program on the planet?  How can your program develop a sustainable resource engine to deliver superior service relative to your  mission with limited funding?  These are not original questions they are an adaptation from Jim Collins, “Good To Great and the Social Sectors.”

MBP uses the two questions to facilitate HYSP’s discovery of new ways to  use available recourses to improve the delivery of service to the homeless teens and young adults that they serve.  NO, we are not promising that all homeless teens and young adults in the state of Georgia will be reached and served  as a result of attending our workshop, but we do believe HYSP’s  can get better at serving the homeless teens and young adults that comes to them seeking help! 

HYSP’s are taken through a series of group experiences  to re-imagine and create new ways to strengthen their operations.  The content of the workshop is fluid to address the unique needs of the individual programs.   For additional information on this program complete and submit the form below.

Homeless Young Women of Color Empowerment Initiative (HYWCEI):

Is a six-week curriculum for young woman of Color ages 14-19.  MBP’s pilot for this Empowerment Initiative is projected to began spring of 2021. 

MBP  wants teens and young adults of Color to be agents of change, their way, on their own terms.  HYWCEI  will provide a group process that will teach the young women how to weaponzing their stories.  Young women of Color must know their story (truth) to own it and use it to achieve their dreams.  Homeless young women of Color will also explore the stigmas associated with being a young woman of color, that is homeless with dreams, and learn skills and strategies to remove the barriers created by those stigmas so they can tell their powerful stories of resilience and success.  MBP believes that empowered young women of Color can change their families, their communities, and the world.  For additional information on this program complete and submit the form below.

Post-Secondary Bridge Program (PSBP):
Is a five-weeks transition program for homeless teens and young adults that have been accepted for the first time into a college or university, a technical college, or other professional training program.   The pilot for this program is projected to start in the Summer of 2021. 

MBP believes that an acceptance letter is a powerful accomplishment, but it is only the first step to the fulfillment of a homeless teens and young adults  dreams.  The hard work that got them the letter does not stop once they are in their new academic program with a place to lay their head. 

It is so easy to get distracted. PSBP will equip homeless teens and young adults with knowledge, skills, experiences, and connections to meet the challenge and do the hard work that is required to go from high school or a GED to their new academic program.   MBP wants homeless teens and young adults to  remain focus so they can make a successful transition and fulfill their dreams.  For additional information on this program complete and submit the form below. 

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