Unhoused Youth Community Resources Directory

The Directory provides a list of local and national resources for unhoused youth living in the Atlanta Metro Area. To access the resources, scroll down, choose a category, then click on your choice, a list will appear, then click the name of the listing to reach a detailed description with a map below.


Decatur Cooperative Ministry


Our mission at Decatur Cooperative Ministry is to help families facing homelessness settle into safe, stable homes and build healthy lives filled with peace, hope and opportunity.

The following programs help us address homelessness from all angles:

Hagar’s House

Hagar’s House offers emergency night shelter and assessment to homeless families with children. The 5-room 30-bed shelter provides safe, comfortable accommodations for up to 90 days. While enrolled, families have access to daily showers, a tech center, laundry facilities, and two meals a day.

Family House

Our Family House program offers up to six months of transitional housing for homeless families with compound barriers to housing stability. We operate four single-family houses and apartments throughout DeKalb County. Families stay in these houses without paying rent or utilities; they are encouraged, however, to save 30% of their income to assist in the transition from homelessness to permanent housing.

Family Success

Our Family Success program offers permanent supportive housing to chronically homeless families (i.e., those with extensive histories of homelessness who have at least one member with a diagnosed disability). These families receive long-term support and services, ensuring lasting housing stability.

Project Take Charge

Through Project Take Charge, DCM offers homeless prevention services to low-income and at-risk seniors, Veterans, and families. Clients with a documentable threat of eviction, foreclosure, or utility disconnection may receive financial assistance to cover rent, mortgage, and utilities. PTC also offers food security to low-income families through the operation of a food pantry and three food cooperatives.

All clients who receive financial assistance attend a three-part financial management course. Culminating with a one-on- one budgeting consultation, the course offers participants the knowledge and skills needed to achieve long-term financial stability.

For additional information about Decatur Cooperative Ministry go to their website.

Phone Number
P.O. Box 457, Decatur, GA


HomeStretch guides working homeless families toward permanent housing and lasting stability.

We help families achieve:

Stable Finances

Stable Employment

Stable Families

Stable Housing

Who We Serve

To be eligible for the HomeStretch Supportive Housing programs, you must:

Be homeless or imminently homeless
Be employed full-time – documented with pay stubs showing at least 37.5 hours worked per week
Have custody of minor child(children) in residence
Have a connection to the greater north metro Atlanta area such as employment or school

How to Apply

If you, or someone you know, meets the above criteria, contact us for a confidential phone interview.

Email us using our contact form
Call 770-642-9185 Extension 112

Additional assistance may be available to you and your family from these organizations.

What to Expect

Confidential Application Process

If you are eligible for the HomeStretch Supportive Housing program, here’s what the process will look like:

Step 1:  Telephone interview with a staff social worker
Step 2:  In-person interview – a written application and a criminal background check will be required.
Step 3:  Acceptance – you will sign a program agreement that outlines participation requirements for regular    meetings with staff social workers and assigned mentors, and participation in LifeSkills classes. In addition, temporary housing will be provided, and a sliding scale rent will be determined. At move-in, you will pay a security deposit and pro-rated rent.

For additional information about HomeStretch go to their website.

Website Address
Phone Number
770-642-9185 Extension 112
89 Grove Way Roswell, GA
Hope Atlanta

Mission: HOPE Atlanta seeks to help Georgians avoid homelessness and hunger through a comprehensive approach that equips them with the tools for lifelong stability.


A housing-first approach.
Stable housing is paramount to a person’s ability to thrive. For each client we serve, our priority is securing housing—both temporary and more permanent solutions.

Permanent Supportive Housing
Many clients, including those with disabilities or substance abuse issues, need ongoing support after being placed in permanent housing. We provide that support system, assisting with everything from medical appointment transportation to grocery shopping and learning to budget.

 Special Needs Housing
HIV/AIDS cases have continued to spike in Atlanta, particularly among homeless communities. Our dedicated Special Needs Housing team ensures that this population’s needs are met.

Emergency Services

For many, a bit of bad luck can spell disaster.  A missed paycheck. A health crisis. A violent storm. For many, hard times can easily lead to homelessness. We’re here when they need a shoulder to lean on.

Rapid Re-Housing, when someone experiencing homelessness reaches out, our goal is to get them off the streets as quickly as possible. We help cover rent, security deposits and moving costs to get them back on their feet.

Reunification Program, we help stranded people without means return to their home communities and support systems, covering transportation costs and coordinating with loved ones.

Trinity Assessment Center, partners with clients who are at risk of becoming homeless or currently experiencing homelessness, archway housing programs like Trinity Assessment Center (TAC) identify safe, secure, and affordable options, providing clients with long-term, wrap-around support to provide and preserve the sustainable housing necessary to regain self-sufficiency.

Mon/Tues/Wed – 9am-5pm
Thurs – 9am-2pm

Additional support is available on their website.

Website Address
Phone Number
458 Ponce de Leon Ave. NE
Building B, Terrace Level
Atlanta, GA
Mary Hall Freedom Village

The mission of Mary Hall Freedom Village, Inc. (MHFV) is to empower women, children, veterans, and families to end the cycle of homelessness, addiction, and poverty.



Located on Atlanta’s Westside, the Donna Center for Single Women and Families (DCW) serves as a 24/7/365 service center to address the needs of chronic homelessness and provide comprehensive wrap-around services for women, children, veterans, and families.


MHFV is grateful to partner with the Veterans Administration (VA) to provide housing to veterans and their families.


Permanent supportive housing promotes an environment that encourages women to establish and achieve goals focused on increasing self-sufficiency, improving life skills, and increasing economic stability. MHFV provides permanent supportive housing to 21 families both in North and South Fulton County.

For additional information about MHFV go to their website.

Phone Number
(678) 786-7240, (678) 786-7241, (855) 851-FREE
Nicholas House

What We Do
Nicholas House is a nonprofit agency that operates an emergency shelter as well as scattered apartment sites for homeless families of any composition. We assist homeless families in making the transition from homelessness to self-sufficiency in a structured but home-like environment through one of several housing programs. Nicholas House is committed to assisting its families attain three goals that form the basis of self-sufficiency:

Earn a living wage.
Maintain the physical, mental, and social health of parents and children.
Maintain safe and stable housing.


Nicholas House provides four housing programs along with supportive services to meet the various levels of need that homeless families in Atlanta face. In all four of our housing models, we provide case management and goal-setting guidance with a strong emphasis on accountability. We work with each participant to address the root causes of homelessness through programs to help with employment, money management, family skills and more.  Our housing programs include:
Boulevard Shelter
Our emergency shelter located in Grant Park is for homeless families without income needing a place to stabilize and gain employment. It can accommodate about 50 individuals, including 12 different families at any given time.  Families can be as small as 2 individuals or as large as 12.
Homeless to Homes (H2H)
This is an apartment-based rapid rehousing program for homeless families with some income, but not enough to pay full rent. Participants lease an apartment in their own name and start paying 30% of their income toward rent while Nicholas House subsidizes the rest. These families work with a case manager to increase their income and the proportion of rent they pay over the course of a year, with the goal being to renew their lease and pay full rent on their own by the end of the year long period.
Home Again
This is a rapid rehousing + homelessness prevention program for homeless families with enough income to pay rent, but who are in need of initial help. We assist with leasing advocacy or homeless prevention assistance due to temporary crisis. Nicholas House provides upfront support with application fees, utility and rental deposits, moving costs, initial month’s rent, and other cost barriers to help these families establish stable housing. We can even assist with back rent payments to prevent eviction. The goal of this program is to allow families to maintain long-term housing on their own based.
New Horizons
This program is a permanent supportive housing program for chronically homeless families with no income, plus additional barriers in the form of a disability. We place families into immediate permanent support housing in the form of apartments leased by Nicholas House. New Horizons families often come directly from street outreach teams or emergency shelters. Once families are settled in, case managers provide additional services that incorporate best practices based on national research, including harm reduction and motivational interviewing techniques.

If you are looking for more information about qualifying for any of these Nicholas House programs, visit the Get Help page on the website.
Adult Education and Training
Our Adult Education and Training programs help families create a new future by defining goals and providing the educational training and support to make their dreams a reality.
Youth Services Program
70% of the homeless people housed by Nicholas House are children. Just like adults, each child receives specific program attention to address their unique needs. We evaluate each child’s academic, physical, social and emotional well-being. Nicholas House staff works with parents and children to develop programs that address their needs.

Youth Services program includes an After-School Program, evening activity hours, and free summer camp. The focus of our Youth Services Programs is on establishing educational and life-long personal skills that will create a healthy, productive, and self-sufficient adult.

Visit Nicholas House Youth Services page on the website for more information about these programs.

Phone Number
P.O. Box 15577, Atlanta, GA

Our House

Our House, Inc. & CAPN Clinics have Combine

At Our House, we provide transformative care to end the cycle of homelessness for families. Our interrelated programs address the root causes of homelessness and ensure every family that leaves Our House has the tools needed to achieve lasting self-sufficiency.
Our House, Inc. programs are designed to enrich the lives of children and families experiencing homelessness with the knowledge, skills, and resources needed to break the cycles of homelessness and poverty.

Early Childhood Education – Housing Services – Healthcare Services (formerly CAPN Clinics) – Employment Training Services – Family Services
For additional information about Our House, Inc go to their website.

Website Address
Phone Number
Resource Type
173 Boulevard NE Atlanta, GA
Project Community Connections, Inc (PCCI)

Project Community Connections, Inc (PCCI)



To permanently rehouse individuals and families experiencing homelessness into decent, affordable places to live and thrive. To offer housing options and collaborate with community and human service organizations to provide ancillary services that promote personal and economic self-sufficiency.

Our Services:

Housing Assessment
Housing Counseling
Housing Advocacy
LandLord Liaison Service
Financial Assistance
Case Management

Project Community Connections, Inc.
Re-Housing Opportunity Center
By Appointment Only
For additional information about PCCI go to their website.

Phone Number
302 Decatur Street SE
Atlanta Georgia
Rainbow Village

How We Help

Focus on the Journey-

The paths that lead to experiencing homelessness vary greatly, but the commonality is that residents arrive in survival mode. Our programming guidelines for residents focuses on Family Stability, Well-being, Financial Management, Education & Training, and Employment & Career.

Rainbow Village is not an emergency shelter.


The ASPIRE program provides safe, stable housing and supportive services for families experiencing homelessness for up to two years.
The THRIVE Alumni program provides an additional three years of supportive services to families after completing the ASPIRE program.
The ACADEMY provides academic enrichment and afterschool programming for children of ASPIRE and THRIVE participants.

Hours of Operation
Monday through Friday
9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. EST
For additional information about Rainbow Village go to their website.

Phone Number
3427 Duluth Highway 120
Duluth Georgia
Sconiers Homeless Preventive Organization

Our mission is to help break the cycle of poverty and illiteracy by improving the educational opportunities for Georgia’s low-income families by integrating technology, entertainment, education, and business into unified literacy programs.


R.O.P.E. I

Rental, Outreach, Public Education


Rental, Opportunity, Prosperity, Economics


Rental, Ordinance, Policy, Environment

SHPO Community Food Hub Network

Locations: Clayton, Butts, Cobb, DeKalb, Henry, Fulton, South Fulton, City of Atlanta, Fayetteville, Fort Valley & Gwinnett County.

For all inquiries, please call our main reception between 7.30am- 9.00pm: 404-454-3554

We serve the following counties:

Clayton, Butts, Cobb, DeKalb, Henry, Fulton, South Fulton, City of Atlanta, Fayetteville, Fort Valley & Gwinnett County.

For additional information about Sconiers Homeless Preventive Organization go to their website.

Website Address
Phone Number

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