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Nicholas House

What We Do
Nicholas House is a nonprofit agency that operates an emergency shelter as well as scattered apartment sites for homeless families of any composition. We assist homeless families in making the transition from homelessness to self-sufficiency in a structured but home-like environment through one of several housing programs. Nicholas House is committed to assisting its families attain three goals that form the basis of self-sufficiency:

Earn a living wage.
Maintain the physical, mental, and social health of parents and children.
Maintain safe and stable housing.


Nicholas House provides four housing programs along with supportive services to meet the various levels of need that homeless families in Atlanta face. In all four of our housing models, we provide case management and goal-setting guidance with a strong emphasis on accountability. We work with each participant to address the root causes of homelessness through programs to help with employment, money management, family skills and more.  Our housing programs include:
Boulevard Shelter
Our emergency shelter located in Grant Park is for homeless families without income needing a place to stabilize and gain employment. It can accommodate about 50 individuals, including 12 different families at any given time.  Families can be as small as 2 individuals or as large as 12.
Homeless to Homes (H2H)
This is an apartment-based rapid rehousing program for homeless families with some income, but not enough to pay full rent. Participants lease an apartment in their own name and start paying 30% of their income toward rent while Nicholas House subsidizes the rest. These families work with a case manager to increase their income and the proportion of rent they pay over the course of a year, with the goal being to renew their lease and pay full rent on their own by the end of the year long period.
Home Again
This is a rapid rehousing + homelessness prevention program for homeless families with enough income to pay rent, but who are in need of initial help. We assist with leasing advocacy or homeless prevention assistance due to temporary crisis. Nicholas House provides upfront support with application fees, utility and rental deposits, moving costs, initial month’s rent, and other cost barriers to help these families establish stable housing. We can even assist with back rent payments to prevent eviction. The goal of this program is to allow families to maintain long-term housing on their own based.
New Horizons
This program is a permanent supportive housing program for chronically homeless families with no income, plus additional barriers in the form of a disability. We place families into immediate permanent support housing in the form of apartments leased by Nicholas House. New Horizons families often come directly from street outreach teams or emergency shelters. Once families are settled in, case managers provide additional services that incorporate best practices based on national research, including harm reduction and motivational interviewing techniques.

If you are looking for more information about qualifying for any of these Nicholas House programs, visit the Get Help page on the website.
Adult Education and Training
Our Adult Education and Training programs help families create a new future by defining goals and providing the educational training and support to make their dreams a reality.
Youth Services Program
70% of the homeless people housed by Nicholas House are children. Just like adults, each child receives specific program attention to address their unique needs. We evaluate each child’s academic, physical, social and emotional well-being. Nicholas House staff works with parents and children to develop programs that address their needs.

Youth Services program includes an After-School Program, evening activity hours, and free summer camp. The focus of our Youth Services Programs is on establishing educational and life-long personal skills that will create a healthy, productive, and self-sufficient adult.

Visit Nicholas House Youth Services page on the website for more information about these programs.

Phone Number
P.O. Box 15577, Atlanta, GA
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